About Yoko Meshi

横飯 – Yoko Meshi (Jp)

  1. Literally: Boiled rice  (Meshi, ) eaten sideways (Yoko, ). A humorous reference to the fact that Japanese is written vertically, unlike most foreign languages, which are written horizontally.

  2. Figure of speech: The stress or anxiety one  experiences when speaking a foreign language.

About me

Yoko Meshi, by Martijn Veron.

Martijn Veron is a freelance translator and copywriter from Belgium.

After obtaining a master’s degree in Translation (Dutch-French-Spanish)  at the KU Leuven, he did an internship as a translator at the Belgian Justice Department as part of a Postgraduate Programme in Specialised Translation. In 2012, while still in college, he started freelancing.

After graduating in 2016, he continued freelancing and briefly worked as a teacher (Dutch Foreign Language), a Web Sales Admin and a Freight Forwarder in his hometown of Antwerp (BE).

In 2017 he moved to Lille (FR) to start working as a Web Editor for Microsoft. After taking a short breaking from freelancing, in 2018 he started Yoko Meshi, a translation and copywriting agency specialized in all-round e-commerce solutions. Specialized in delivering tailormade multilingual solutions for the digital age: translation, web and software localization, copywriting and debugging.



  • Web Editor for Microsoft // Teaminside
  • Translator-Copywriter NL-FR-EN-ES // Freelance


  • Postgraduate Programme in Specialised Translation // English // KU Leuven
  • Master of Arts in Translation // French-Spanish // KU Leuven
  • Bachelor in Applied Linguistics // Dutch-French-Spanish // KU Leuven